You settle carefully on the strangely fancy-looking couch. It almost looks too pretty to use, but the smaller chair sort of smells like energy drink funk. Or maybe it's just the cans. You don't want to linger closer to that, either way. You drum your fingers on your lap idly, looking at the little stuffed bears beside you... this would be charming if your surroundings didn't smell like the bastard child of a flowershop and the perfume section of Macy's.
After a little bit, you feel like you've dawdled here for too long. You swear your lungs feel worse for wear being in here.

>>> You reconsider the stairs. Maybe you should really leave.
>>> Look at the photos and such taped to the wall.
>>> Check that table at the far end of the room?
>>> What is that door? Some kind of closet?